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above every other name.

We aim to unite the Church, promote holiness, believe God for signs and wonders, win the lost, and lift Jesus high through worship.

What is The Uprise?

The Uprise is a Christian ministry in Metro Detroit that believes Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. We believe that in times of crisis, as described in the book of Joel and seen in the book of Acts, it's crucial for the Church to unite in prayer, fasting, and intercession.

Through our values we want to mobilize the body of Christ to not only unite for a one time event, but to help turn entire cities and regions to the Lord. We believe the resulting impact is regional crises turned around, increased salvations, stronger families, and believers united like never before.

Christian event

Our Values:

Obedience to Jesus' leadership.



Worship that magnifies God's beauty.

The Great Commission.


Meet The Team

Brad Stenman founder

Brad Stenman

Founder & Head Visionary

Andy Yim co-visionary

Andrew Yim


Rob Tolnai co-visionary

Robert Tolnai


DJ Ikeler co-visionary

DJ Ikeler


Our mission is to gather tens of thousands of people for historic moments of prayer, fasting, and calling on God's mercy, in
JOEL 2:12-17 solemn assemblies.

prayer event

We're washing denominational lines, looking past racial differences, and uniting as one voice to agree with Jesus' prayer in John 17:22, "And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be ONE just We are one..."

We want to unite the local church body without them losing the individual identities. Our desire is that these solemn gatherings would refresh and strengthen each church in the mission Jesus has ordained for them.

It's a Joel 2:12-17 Solemn assembly praying for a Joel 2:28-32 outpouring.

When God pours out His Presence, we can't forget the harvest, we will use the arena setting and street outreaches to win as many to Jesus as He will permit as evangelism is a core value of Joel 2 solemn assembly (Joel 2:32).

Why are we mobilizing to gather the church of Metro Detroit to pray and fast in mass numbers?

To answer, one of the clearest explanations is the book of Joel. In the face of crisis and impending judgment, God calls His people to, GOD CALLS HIS PEOPLE TO:


The ministers are to weep between porch and altar


Sound the alarm for every generation alive to gather at this assembly, all hands on deck.


Call a sacred assembly, don't treat it as a casual event, MAKE IT HOLY, take it serious.


Consecrate a corporate fast.


Turn to HIM with all of their heart with fasting, weeping and mourning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be to volunteer?

What time is the arena event?

Can I bring someone who doesn't know Jesus?

What can I expect on arena day?

Will food be available in the arena?

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