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Prayer Guides

A prayer for BOLDNESS

A prayer for THE HARVEST

A prayer for THE LOST

A prayer for SALVATION

These are launching points to help you get started. We encourage you to use scripture to further your prayers. To help we've provided a few verses under each category.

My Testimony Guide

Whether testifying of how you became a Christian, or sharing a story of something God did in your life, the purpose is to point people to God and not ourselves. We believe the following three point structure helps us do just that, by keeping us on track and not getting lost in the personal details. 

1. Where I was​

"Where I was" is like the before picture of a transformation. People don't need to know the exact day, time, and location, but it's helpful to share the state you were living in before you experienced God's transforming power.

For example: Before I knew Christ I was living only to please myself because I craved affection and validation, but I was never fully satisfied. This resulted in words and actions that hurt those closest to me.

2. What God did

This is where you really get to boast about all that God has done! How did He show up? Where did He show up? Why did He show up? Was it instantaneous? Was He patient in His pursuit and walked us through the transformation over an extended period?

For example: I asked God to help me and as I prayed I began to feel all of my shame leave and I saw myself the way God sees me. For the first time I felt true love, peace, and acceptance. I realized the only validation I needed was from my Father in Heaven, and it was in that moment that I finally felt real satisfaction. 

3. Where I am now

"Where I am now" is the after picture of the transformation. Share what is now different in your life compared to before. This is still the time to boast about God's power and goodness.

For example: Now that I know my identity and value comes from God alone, my motives with people have changed. I no longer seek to satisfy myself, but to satisfy God. Every day I can walk free from loneliness and help those around me to do the same.

*This is a guide for those who may never have shared a testimony before. This is not the only way to share a testimony.

The Gospel Guide

The Gospel means “good news”. The good news is who Jesus is, what He did, and how what He did changes our lives. According to Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:1-11, these are the essentials of the good news:


  1. Christ died for our sins according to the scripture.

  2. This means we all are sinners in need of Christ's sacrifice.

  3. He was buried and raised on the third day according to the scripture.

  4. This means we are not saved by our own works but by His grace alone.

  5. This gospel is only received by faith and believing these things to be true and the only way to salvation.


To put this in context with the whole of the Bible, simply put: 


God created us to love and be loved by Him. From the beginning man chose sinful ways to find satisfaction and fulfillment, instead of God. This left God and man separated by sin. But God loved man so much that He sent His own Son to pay the debt of sin, a debt that man could not afford. Through Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, God and man are reconciled back together. Now, when a person chooses to believe that Jesus is the resurrected Son of God, receive His sacrifice, and repent from their sin, God empowers them with His grace to live as He originally desired. This is good news that we don’t have to live in brokenness and loneliness; we have a God who is near!

How To Evangelize

This is not an exhaustive list, nor is this a set of rules. These are simply tools that can help you. 


  • Pray - ask for the Lord’s guidance and help.

  • Prepare - know the Word, have questions, stories, and your testimony ready to share. People don’t want a robotic conversation, so be natural and share personal experiences.

  • Be respectful - everyone has a free will, do not try to force salvation on someone. This is not a debate to be won.

  • Be patient - no one wants to feel like a burden or like they’re being rushed. This is a life changing decision for the other person, treat them like a friend.

  • Listen carefully - don’t overtalk or argue, allow the other person to share and be heard.

  • Guide them to a church - help them find a church that they can grow their faith in and get discipled. The Kingdom is not a competition, so don’t pressure them to only attend your church.

  • Bring materials - if planning ahead to go out, have Bibles and/or other materials that can help further the conversation or help them in their own time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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