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Ministry Team

Join the The Uprise ministry team at Little Caesars Arena. There will be powerful ministry moments led by trusted leaders in the Body of Christ.  Ministry teams will need to be stationed throughout the arena to help facilitate and guide these moments.  You may want to volunteer and feel under qualified but remember this, if you have the Holy Spirit living in you, you are qualified to minister.  Our team will help bridge the gaps of what to do in specific moments as well as what not to do.  Join us, you're needed.

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Become a Mobilizer

Help mobilize this historic move throughout Metro Detroit and all of Michigan through social media, spreading the word to your church, committing to lead your team of friends to event day. CLICK HERE to help mobilize!

Volunteer my church to fill needed spaces

One of the themes of The Uprise is 'All hands on deck'. When a boat is sinking, no deckhand is idle, all respond to the crisis. Sowing time and resources to help further the Kingdom of God in your city is priceless. An arena event requires a united effort; volunteer to fulfill needs and help turn the tide of Metro Detroit. Pastors and Ministry leaders, CLICK HERE to get your church involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be to volunteer?

What time is the arena event?

Can I bring someone who doesn't know Jesus?

What can I expect on arena day?

Will food be available in the arena?

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